Save the Stones

A letter I wrote was published in our local West View, July 2018:

On Gansevoort street between Hudson and Greenwich streets the original 150-year-old paving stones are being replaced by crudely cut multi colored stones with a band of black stones running down the middle. The Meatpacking District is a historic district and the original cobble stones should have been retained. I have seen in the past when these streets are dug up, instead of lifting these stones up a large cutting wheel just cuts right thru them.

These new multi colored stones look out of place here and have no business being put into a historic area. The original stones have a very high value. Where did they go? Who is making money by installing these cheap garish new stones and whose paying?


New Cobbles at Gansevoort Street, June 2018


The cobbles on Gansevoort Street looked like this


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